Lamb Whole

Whole lamb 

This is a pre-order; you will be contacted with an estimated time of when it will go to the processor.

Prior to your animal being taken to the processor we will take your cut order in which you will specify the cuts and package sizes.

Initial deposit of $50.00 will be due at time of order.

The final cost will be sent to you after processing and will be due upon delivery. 

Price is dependent upon size, the following weights are based upon hanging weight. Your final take home meat will be about 85% of hanging weight. 

-40-49 lbs: $3.90/lb. 

-50-59 lbs: $4.10/lb. 

-60-69 lbs: $4.30/lb. 



  • Item #: GC-LB-800

Lamb Whole

Price: $50.00
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